• Publisher: Class Ebooks, Mira Books
  • Release Date: 2017, 1992, 1997 & 2003; Silhouette Books 1986
  • ISBN-13: 978-1944654122
  • Available Languages: French (2), Spanish (84), Japanese (4), German (3), English (UK), Indonesian, Italian, Australian, Thai, Lithuanian
  • Available Formats: Audio, e-Book

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Give up while you’re ahead, ol’ boy.

She doesn’t want you. Then he remembered the passion of her kiss, the taste of her mouth, the scent of her hair, the feel of her skin beneath his hands, and he knew he wasn’t about to give up.

While serving his country, Trevor Rule experienced the wrenching heartache of losing his best friend in a brutal attack. His grief is coupled with guilt when he falls in love with that friend’s wife by reading letters she’d written to her husband.

Kyla gave birth the same day she learned that her husband had been killed in a terrorist assault on Marine barracks. That was almost two years ago. Now, Kyla is struggling to rear her son alone…and wrestling with the longing generated by the handsome stranger who fortuitously enters their lives.

Except Trevor’s entrance into Kyla’s life isn’t accidental. He has sought her out not only because he feels he owes her and her child a debt he can never repay, but also because he remembers the impassioned words she wrote to her husband. Which Trevor took to heart.

Will her growing love be strong enough to forgive his deception?

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A Note From Sandra

Above and Beyond Audio Listen to an excerpt from ABOVE AND BEYOND Narrated by Jack Garrett


Originally published under the pseudonym Erin St. Claire as Silhouette Intimate Moments # 133

Alternate Covers

Polish Edition
Thai Edition
Portuguese Edition