• Publisher: BDD/Random House
  • Release Date: 1988, 1994
  • ISBN-13: 978-0553297515
  • Available Languages: Norwegian, Hebrew
  • Available Formats: Audio, Print

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Randy Price experiences the ultimate betrayal and finds love and passion.

When her divorce was finally granted, Miranda Price thought the worst was behind her. Now she could get on with her life, far from the public scrutiny and private misery that went along with being Representative Price’s wife. But when Miranda decides to take their young son on a vacation out West, she stumbles into a mother’s worst nightmare. Snatched off a train full of vacationing sightseers, she and her son become the captives of an enigmatic stranger.

Miranda knows she will do anything to save her child. . . even if it means fighting her own treacherous feelings for the man who holds her hostage. . . even if it means facing up to a shocking revelation that will make her question her past, her choices, and the woman she’s become.

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A Note From Sandra

Originally published as Bantam Loveswept # 263