• Publisher: Grand Central
  • Release Date: 2015, 2003; Silhouette Books 1982
  • ISBN: 0446531626
  • Available Languages: Estonian (9949), German, Norwegian
  • Available Formats: Audio, e-Book, Print

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Will a misunderstanding after a night of passion drive Jordan and Reeves apart?

On the surface, Jordan Hadlock has it all. A great job in Switzerland and a rich Swiss industrialist Helmut Eckherdt trying to lure her down the aisle. What more could she ask for? A clap of thunder and a pounding on her door soon give her an answer.

Reeves Grant appears seeking shelter from a sudden downpour, but the real storm is inside Jordan and the passion they share that night. The next morning he disappears without a trace.

Still reeling from the encounter, Jordan plays hostess at Helmut’s lavish dinner party, where their engagement is announced — at the very same moment she spies Reeves snapping pictures of the event and her new “fiancé.” Now Jordan is moving toward the altar with a man she doesn’t love.

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A Note From Sandra

Originally published under the pseudonym Erin St. Claire as Silhouette Desire # 7.

Alternate Covers

Norwegian Edition
German Edition