• Publisher: BDD/Random House
  • Release Date: 1989, 1992, 2010
  • ISBN-13: 978-0553289909
  • Available Languages: Japanese (4), Norwegian, Polish (83), Chinese, Hebrew, Large Print
  • Available Formats: Audio, Print, Hardcover

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All he wanted was enough whiskey to forget...

Ravaged by grief after a car crash took his cherished wife and unborn child, Chase Tyler had abandoned his family business. He’d hit the rodeo circuit and the bars with equal disregard for his life, unwilling to face his pain and move on—until a bad-tempered bull and a lady from the past forced him to…. All she wanted was his love…

Marcie Johns had known Chase all her life, had been driving the car when it crashed and his wife was killed. She still wondered if Chase blamed her for his loss. But she was willing to gamble her pride and happiness to give the man she’d adored since childhood something to live for. When she offered Chase a brazen proposition to save his company, he was shocked by her plan—and he hated himself for being tempted by the fire smoldering in her gorgeous eyes! Could a once-shy bookworm seduce the rugged cowboy of her dreams into letting her love heal his heart?

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German Edition
Norwegian Edition