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    If you’re interested in receiving autographed bookmarks, please send a self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope to:

    Sandra Brown Bookmarks
    PO Box 120517
    Arlington, TX 76012

    Please note there is a limit of 5 bookmarks or bookplates per envelope and we are not responsible for lost envelopes or insufficient return postage. We currently have 7 in. Rainwater bookmarks, 3 x 3 Rainwater bookplates, 7 in. Low Pressure bookmarks, and 9 in. bookmarks featuring Sandra’s last 5 suspense covers. More Deadline bookmarks are coming. Please don’t forget to indicate what you’d like to receive (the default will be suspense bookmarks). We also have generic 3 x 3 bookplates.

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    If you’re requesting a book donation for your charitable event, please send a letter via regular mail to the above address. Due to the ever-increasing volume of donations requested, requests received via email will no longer be considered.

  • Thank you for your understanding.

    Sandra Brown Staff