• Publisher: BDD/Random House
  • Release Date: 1988, 1994
  • ISBN-13: 978-0553567687
  • Available Languages: French, Spanish, Japanese, German, English (UK), Italian, Czech, Russian, Hebrew
  • Available Formats: Audio, Print

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Lilah Mason, a physical therapist, is responsible for getting Adam Cavanaugh back on his feet.

For the past few years, Lilah Mason has watched her sister find love, get married, and have children, while she’s been more than content to channel her energies into her career. A physical therapist with an unsinkable spirit and unwavering compassion, she’s one of the best in the field. But when Lilah takes on a demanding new case, her patient’s life isn’t the only one transformed. Her new patient, Adam, challenges her methods and authority at every turn. Yet Lilah is determined to help him recover the life he’s lost. What she can’t see, until it’s much too late, is that while she’s winning Adam’s battle, she’s losing her heart… And as professional duty and her passionate yearnings clash, she must choose the course right for them both.

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A Note From Sandra

Sequel to Fanta C. Originally published as Bantam Loveswept # 252

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